• “Attenti are the best search firm I’ve ever used. Their ability to bring top class, private sector leaders into the charitable sector, is second to none.” Sir Stephen Bubb Chairman, Social Investment Business

What we do – Executive Search

We make the world a better place by placing leaders in interesting and important organisations.

A superb new Chair, Chief Executive or Director will often bring new ideas, energy, passion and a zeal for change. At Attenti, we know top-class appointments transform organisations, so selecting the right executive search partner is critical.

Selecting the best is always a matter of judgement. Clients get the best results from executive search firms who are committed and whose values they share. In this day and age, biggest is not always best.

One of our core principles is the commitment to original, rigorous research as the bedrock of excellent search. Our work is always designed and tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Working in partnership and ensuring candidates are treated with care and attention throughout a search process continues to be the best way of ensuring a long lasting and successful appointment.

In addition to our core business, we provide a range of assessment and consultancy services.