Charity Pay Study – Third Sector 

We’ve analysed the accounts of the UK’s largest charities to find which ones are paying the most.

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Meet the Head Hunter – Third Sector 

If you are up against 30 others, the determining factor is often passion.

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To Merge or not to Merge? – Leadership and Governance, Civil Society  

Why are there so few mergers in the charity sector? Ought there to be more? TANIA MASON explores the issue.

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Charities are becoming more professional – The Economist

Non-profit organisations are learning lessons from businesses. And businesses are learning from charities

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Chief Executives must lead from the front in uncertain times  

What should a third CEO do in these uncertain times? David Fielding, Director at Attenti highlights key activities a leader should focus on to create a positive organisational mood.

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How to work with Head-Hunters  

Always ask the right questions before you appoint a company to help you recruit your senior positions. David Fielding, Director at Attenti
talks about how to get the best out of a recruitment consultant.

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Diversity – The Vexed Issue of Quotas! 

Different people bring different views and opinions – vital for forward-thinking boards and organisations. David Fielding, Director at Attenti argues that diversity is key but not at the expense of skills or experience.

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Talk your way into your Dream Job. How Chief Executives can put themselves in pole position when they get shortlisted

David Fielding, Director at attenti highlights how chief executives can put themselves in pole position when they get shortlisted.

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Preparing for Career in the Third Sector – Municipal Journal 

David Fielding, lead Director for Attenti’s not for profit executive search and selection practice, sets out what aspiring directors and chief executives need to be thinking about if they are
considering a future career within the Big Society

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Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail

David Fielding, Director at Attenti highlights some of the ways chief executives can help put themselves in a good light during the recruitment process.

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